Ghana is a culturally diverse country. Full of peace loving people, accomodative and above all, tall in terms of democracy on the continent. But there's a problem. A problem caused not by the citizenry. A problem not caused by the rich history of our motherland. That problem is politics!

I remember back in the day when we lived in a society in which we were all each other's keeper. There was no color dividing us - not to even talk about a political color. We dined, played and spent nights at the neighbors house without any fear or hesitation. But then came a time when it all had to change but had to change the wrong way.

Politicians succeeded, of course, by their selfishness and greed to get to power, divide a once beautiful country with their bitterness and lies. The sad part of it is that, you find the same media which is supposed to help check these individuals who get into power in order for the people to be well informed, conniving and leading in setting agendas for their pay masters.

There's a saying that, "he that controls the mick controls the mind". Perhaps, politicians knew too well that, in their quest to get the masses on their part, there was the need to liberalised the media, not for the good of the people but just to gather votes. I'm not by this suggesting i'm against the liberalization of the media in the country but then, it's so obvious that the media have provided the necessary tools for politicians to divide the people. Now, you often hear comments like "we the NDC people", "we the NPP people" etc.

The Ghana i grew up in never taught me that! Unfortunately, the media have become the school ground were politics is learned. Politicians sing the same song when in opposition and the same tune when in government. In opposition, the government in power is corrupt. When they get into power, the previous government was corrupt and mismanaged the economy so there is no money.

With the many natural resources we have as a country, Ghana should have been far in terms of development if not for politicians. Our constitution mandates them to govern but they always do so with selfishness. If the media could help sanitize the system, the country will only pay attention to politicians during elections. How is it that, the media could give productive hours to discuss political issues?  News paper reviews are done by the main political parties. News content are dominated by political stories. Politics have indeed affected the very fibre of our society.

I want to see that Ghana where i don't have to belong to a political party in order to bear my national identity. If anyone is reading this, then i dare say, it's time we drain the swamp of the politicians and build a nation with passion, patriotism and vision.

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