Opportunity makes no appointments.

What happens when you want something so bad and can’t get it then it decides to show up when another route has been paved?

When I graduated from high school I had hopes of attending a good film school but all that was shattered when I got an admission to a great film school in the US but couldn’t raise $20,000 for tuition. Like most people would do. I kinda gave up on that whole “film” thing since my parents weren’t buying it anyways.

Two years later I had already enrolled in one of the leading universities here ,majoring in Management. I still enjoyed storytelling through video and I was always fascinated by the work that’s behind the whole process. Since I had no camera. I’d edit family parties using Windows moviemaker. Now if you have used it you understand the hustle haha!.

Now “fate” has a crazy way of bringing you to where you’re supposed to be. I came across a website that called upon people to apply to my current technical school (Africa Digital Media Academy). I applied and heck they turned me down. At this moment, life starts convincing you that you are called for something else. 

One day when I was about to enter an exam room I got a call from a man who worked at ADMA asking me if I was interested in joining the school. Right there my friend, was a tough decision to make. Let me remind you that I was halfway the whole management program. Like why hadn’t they called me a year earlier? What had changed? How do i convince my folks i gotta change schools. What about all the money they had spent?

I decided right there that I was joining the technical school and take a media course irrespective of the trouble i might get in. I never took that exam I was about to take. Told my friend to inform the professor that I wont be coming back. Till now I’ve never stepped at that university again!

Fast forward to date. I’m having the time of my life. Studying what I love and making money at the same time (Ka ching!!). Been privileged to work at major summits, events and projects including the AU summit and WEF.

Let’s pause for a sec. Question for you. You have a dream, a desire or something that you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it’s a project you’ve always wanted to do or a talent within you that needs to be portrayed. If the opportunity came right now as you’re reading this, would you risk everything and pursue that dream? Would you put on hold everything at hand and go for it? 

Share your thoughts.

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