Meet Professionals from Akinyele, Nigeria

Akinyele is a semi-urban community located in Ibadan, South-West Nigeria. Although it cannot boast of as much infrastructural development as some of the neighbouring communities in the city of Ibadan, it is a beehive of economic activities. It is also a true representation of the diversity of Nigeria, playing host to a large population of people from the country's north.

Here are some of my pictures of professionals engaging in their trades in Akinyele:

The blacksmith and his audience

The blacksmith is an important member of this community. Not only does he fashion out the tools they use on their farms and for other work, his workshop also serves as a centre in which people- young and old- sit on the benches, enjoy the wind and share their stories of the day's events.

Mother, hairdresser and recharge card seller

Here, most of the older women are happy with simple, local hairstyles- and small fees. Although the hairdresser is almost always busy with clients, she does not make a lot of money and has to multitask. This woman also sells recharge cards, and cares for her children.

The sugarcane sellers

These men- obviously from the country's north- have created their hut from sugarcane stems. In it, they process sugarcane for immediate sale.

Akinyele's slaughter "house" where cattle are killed and skin is burnt

Thanks to the skills and years of practice of the men here, killing cattle seems very easy although animal rights activists may not be very pleased with the sights.

Selling fodder in the Akinyele Kraal

Being a fodder seller in a kraal is a good business. This gentleman can enjoy the shade and take in the sights of the day while he confidently awaits orders for his produce.

The hustlers- they do anything and everything!

Here, the hustle is real indeed! These young men can do anything and everything in exchange for minimal payments! They are also quite nice and approachable.

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