Oddity in Nigeria.

Born in Lagos city, Nigeria, the giant of the African continent, I have always had and still have a gigantic dream in which it is quite hard to achieve in Nigeria. I remember when I was so little and had to move my ambition from one profession to another like nursing, law and stuffs like that; it was then I barely knew what I was doing. As I grew older, things changed, my dreams changed, I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer but as usual the usefulness and importance of it did not deem fit in the sight of my parents as they initially refused me indulging in it. Still like river flows, I did not stop, it was as though I had not even gotten to my first step of living until I met purpose, which came in form of writing in the year 2011.

Writing for me is freedom, liberty just like the one Nigeria had in 1960. My kind of writing, which is inspirational and creative is still in an archaic mindset perceived to be boring and old school sort of in Nigeria. You know how people say your environment influences the kind of person you are, well, I will like to briefly describe my Nigeria to you because I want to paint a better picture of how writing is perceived in this country.

My Dear Nigeria,

To hail thee, my dedication reigns

As I pay honor to your resourcefulness

Mighty and great we are in number

The crowd and noise are our best feature

The market place is the most colorful

As we gather to wine and dine is the most luxurious places meant for only few

Opportunities and recognition very limited

As even Minuit society has to be carefully selected despite being influential.

I love my country so much but its inability to see and create opportunities for potential that are rusting simply because platforms to exercise value is limited and not well-circulated. My biggest dream is so big that it looses its power simply because I am not well-informed due to the lack of proper dissemination in Nigeria. As I write this article, I wonder to myself, is it me or the country? For my confusion confuses the confusion that the nation’s congestion creates.

Writing and inspiration has made me different in a common place, as the days’ race with speed so also does the mindset of people. My potential was rusting and dying till I met Nigeria in form of odd Nigerians, who groomed and nurtured this vision or purpose, thereby helping me to live oddly and significantly. They teach me everyday that oddity is not a crime or a limit, oddity is not a dysfunction in the country and although Nigeria has its issues, it is beginning to embrace boring and archaic slowly and swiftly. Just in case, you got confused while reading this, the previous paragraphs are the past because now Nigeria is changing and so also is the mindset; writing has a better platform, which is the same with inspiration.

Oddity in Nigeria is no longer brushed off, it is now very acknowledged with the voice of heroes like Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie, Lanre Olushola, Sam Adeyemi, Goke Coker as well as several other patriots.

Recently, I started chatting with a Nigerian who at first did not seem like someone who appreciates the boring and archaic nature of writing and inspiration until he surprised me by actually notifying his friends about my articles. I was impressed that living is now more eccentric than the normal.

 To sum it all up, here is a secret and another truth that I failed to mention, more or less like a failure on my path, because I felt cheated on I refused to move forward, to look for better opportunities so I remained secluded in my own world blaming others for having the opportunity I did not have but later on I realized in 2013 that I had the power to live and live my purpose when I decided to blog and also use the social media. Oddity in Nigeria is not easy for anyone but it is a gift and power, I am proud to be a part of oddity in Nigeria and I hope you are too.

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