The Testosterone Story that Got me all Analytical

Low testosterone can take a toll on a man. It can make him feel worthless and develop low esteem symptoms. The testogen testimonial of Mike who lost his job after his boss had a personal vendetta because he snatched his girlfriend and married her goes on to tell how Mike ended up desperate and without a direction.When I read the story, I related with Mike. It is not everyday that a man sits his ass down and waits for his wife to provide for him.

Mike even goes on to say that he would sit the whole day on the sofa watching one movie after the other but if you were to ask him the content of the movies, he wouldn’t tell you? Why? He was absent-minded. The poor man was living in denial and the mere thought of waking up to go look for another job would not criss-cross his mind.


Mike opens up and says that he was actually depressed. He would not want to see any of his friend. The man also avoided all his friends and would not reply to any of his friend’s voice mails.

Things were even worse when his wife came every evening, happy and in this hot red negligees to seduce a man who ‘was cold down there’. He says that his magnum dong would not rise to occasion.

Rescued by a friend

Fortunately, Mike’s story has a happy ending. We are told that his friend, John visits and harasses him into reality. As I was reading this story, John to me was this chivalrous character who huffs and puffs his way into your house uninvited and demands that you let him in. He then goes on to order you around as though he is not a visitor. But John is the good bully who brings our Mike back. He advises Mike to go to a gym, eat healthily and take these dietary supplements that will see our boy back on the groove.

And thankfully, the exercises, good food and supplement work! Mike at the end says that he is a beast on his matrimonial bed.

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