Man Boobs: A pain in every man's Neck (chest)

Man boobs: Gynecomastia

Given a cool name 'gynecomastia', man boobs is not cool thing. Infact, it is a pain on your neck (or chest). It is a source of ridicule, scorn and embarrassment when you are with the boys at the spa with their well toned bodies while your chest looks like that of a breast feeding mother. It hurts your self esteem and you feel as though you do not belong.

Man boobs are common in infants, adolescents and also in adults. While infant boobs are caused by maternal-baby relations, adolescent and adult man boobs occur due to hormonal imbalance.

Causes of Gynecomastia

1. High level of Estrogen hormones

Man boobs are caused by a high level of estrogen hormone in your body as opposed to testosterone levels. Estrogen hormone is supposed to be high in women and not men. However, some men find themselves in the awkward position where they have feminine tendencies such as huge hips, soprano voice, soft skin and boobs. It is not that they wanted to be born that way. No, life just served them lemons and making lemonade from man boobs is such a sour thing. Men are supposed to have muscular bodies, broad shoulders, broken voices and flat chests. So when man boobs happen, do not blame your mother; blame your hormones.

2. Lazy lifestyle with junk

A sedentary lifestyle can also be key in causing man boobs. If you are the type of guy who eats junk and never exercises, you might find yourself obese and form man boobs. If you exercise, take testogen supplements and eat well, man boobs could disappear.

3. Baby boobs

By default, babies are born with boobs, whether it is a baby girl or not. This is because estrogen hormone from the mother finds its way into the baby through the placenta causing the baby to have boobs. However after few weeks after delivery, the boobs disappear.

How to Treat Man boobs

1. Man boobs can be treated through liposuction and mastectomy which are both surgical operations where parts of the boobs are removed.

2. Use of fat shredding supplements such as testogen with lots of exercise and good diet.

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