Success and failure are matters of choices. The fact you fail in an experiment, does not necessarily means you are a failure, it only means that you should try again. Failure is not an end but a bend. When you carry out an experiment, a Job task, new Business initiative or execute a new idea, and you fail, stand up and dust the failure mentality off yourself and learn and the reasons why you fail and repeat the process again. Thomas Edison; the man who invented the light bulb, he never took a “no” for an answer. He continued his experiment a thousand times before He could get the desired result. You don’t need to try a thousand times to achieve success but the truth is the loop continues until there is an exception. There is no failure except in no longer trying.

I believe that never taking a ‘No’ for an answer is a polite way of being insistent, not accept a refusal, never summit to failure or be persistent in demanding something. Many times in life we ask questions of people and then put way too much weight on their answers. We ask our mentors and people we admire if they think we have what it takes, and then consider their opinions fact. We ask those we respect if they think we should take a chance, and then follow their advice as law. We ask our colleagues if they’ll take a chance on us, and then interpret their response to be a reflection of our potential.

Never allow a person to tell you no, who doesn’t have the power to say yes. 

As an entrepreneur, a business consultant or a Salesman, trying to sale or initiate a business proposal, new business idea or trying to prospect for customers, a “No” is something to respect but not be intimidated by. It simply means, not at this time but try again next time. So make sure you leave the kind of impression that will open the door wide when the time is right. While too many entrepreneurs get caught up in how much of their product to give away, you must understand that when you own the company, you can always make another product.

How can you create partnerships and raise financing creatively, while keeping true to your vision? How can you organise your own resources smarter? In achieving this, you must act crazy. Yes Crazy, it is better to be called crazy than be called stupid.

As a gentle approaching a lady for an intimate relationship, when it’s obvious that your target is not interested, it’s usually much better to approach them at another time, under different circumstances. The same thing is true within business, politics, relationship, career, etc. Don’t ruin your opportunity for another chance down the road. Don’t let the gentle “No” create anxiety or despair, be courteous and respectful. Simply tell yourself that this is not the right time, be confident and secure in yourself and what you do. In not taking a “no” for an answer, ensure to build a positive relationships, leave positive impressions, look for appropriate ways to bring value to others, educate them on your values. But most of all, be patient and focus in your pursuit.

Never allow anyone tells you how far you can go in life, how your talents could be enhanced or advanced or how your risks will pay off. Other people’s “nos” aren’t what limit your future; it’s your own “nos” that limits you. Sometimes we hear “no” before we even get a chance to contact the person we really want to reach. We hear “no” from friends, family members, colleagues, superiors, and clients. Those “nos” are rarely final since a door is made to be opened.

We can either choose to take all the “nos” and use them as proof that we shouldn’t move forward with our goals or we can learn from them, release them, and then keep moving ahead, driven by a deep internal yes that refuses to be ignored no matter what. Today if you come up against rejection, this does not mean “no” but it just means not this way, do it another way. Never take a “NO” for an answer.

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