Natty, Sexy, Cool at Social Media Week Lagos

Can I touch it? How do you manage it?

Isn’t it stressful? Do you comb it?

Shouldn’t you straighten it?

I’m trampled by strange questions and stranger stares

Photo: Adedeji Hamed

Untidy and knotty

Unruly and nappy

Unyielding and wild

Guilty as charged

Photo: Adedeji Hamed

And so you fought me

For years, treated me like a burden

Something to be rid of

Something to be ashamed of

Photo: Adedeji Hamed

But I am you and you are me

And nursed with words of admiration and affirmation

Your confidence like a giant

Crushed poisonous words underfoot

Photo: Adedeji Hamed

Now, we hot-step

Halo on head

Ready to conquer a new day

Kinky, coiffed and natty

Lead photo: Adedeji Hamed

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