Heartbeat For Humanity

Have you heard of that land where

Milk and honey exchanged hands in the kingdom square

Custom fed hearts no form of despair

Women and men exchanged vows and spoke of offspring they'd bear...

Until division swept through 

Years of propaganda turned the sun to a moon

Mass killing would later be the tune 

That labelled my home destitute...

That land, now a whole new destination 

Once beaten down and trodden 

Once hidden beneath the ashes 

Driven down too deep, there was no longer she could go 

Now that motherland stands tall with a grace familiar with limitation 

Once beaten down and trodden 

Once hidden beneath the ashes 

Driven down too deep and then she said NO! 

If she would lose everything, it would not be her heartbeat! 

Alive, Rwanda chose to stay alive 

When she had the chance to let herself die 

Broken to one thousand pieces 

I don't think I need remind you...

Hate got us drunk on murder 

Lies had us feeding on empty air 

Death got us filling holes in the ground with

Flesh of brothers and sisters

Broken to one thousand pieces

Our vision blurred by a failed system 

Values stolen by forgotten "ubumuntu"


Too blind to see that we are truly made of, 

Is HUMANITY, 'ubumuntu'

Yes, humanity! 

Essence of the African spirit 

The thing we forgot when we looked away 

The thing we shall always remember 

That I AM because You Are-- ubumuntu

Land of a thousand hills 

Boasts of breathtaking beauty 

Be not mistaken, she owes it to history!

But even more to a future she is determined to see

Rwanda has learned exactly what it means to live 

That to live is to give,

To commit to peace,

To find beauty in her fields and farms, streets and homes 

To find light in the soul of the orphaned child 

To replace the gunshots in our memory 

With the birdsong of a new morning- 

Rwanda lives to show the world 

That if she conquered, so can you! 

And if she could see the light, so can you! 

You too can survive & 

You too SHALL RISE! 

Rwanda lives to show the world 

That rebirth is possible, 

A new story attainable and-- 

Be not mistaken, this is nothing short of a miracle 

It's no ordinary story

Much more than mere scramble for glory


That nothing is deeper than our shared humanity

Nta kiruta ubumuntu bwacu twese

I AM because You Are! 


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