Top 6 Africa Travel Secrets

So you think you’ve done your research and you know everything you need to know about traveling the African continent. Well, here are some secrets you probably haven’t found out there because we gathered them ourselves from experts living there.

1-Kigali, Rwanda is not only beautiful, it is super clean.  This is not one of those cities where you will find junk and trash on every corner.

2-Behind on a big project that’s due? Drink Ethiopian coffee. Yeah, you know it tastes good, but the stuff actually brewed in the country is so loaded with caffeine, you’ll be up for days!

3-Looking for a cheap taxi? Try Gambia. Prices there are as low as you can get.

4-If you are traveling in Nigeria, be ready for the hot pepper in their food. They love it. And by love it, we mean they put it in everything!

5-If beer is more your thing, Zambia has the best prices for your chug.  They also have several beers, brewed right there so it’s also delicious.

6- And finally, if you like bar-b-que, then you definitely want to make the trip to Kenya. The BBQ there is something to behold. Look for the name Nama Choma and start there.

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