The Top 5 Surprises When Traveling Africa

We feel like everyone knows that in Africa you will get to see stunning scenery, awesome wild animals and meet some of the friendliest people in the world.  So we set out to find out what are the most surprising things you’ll discover when traveling Africa..did we do it?

In Rwanda, try the country’s tasty banana wine and banana beer. Yes, banana! They are delicious and made locally and you won’t regret it!

Use Instagram and YouTube to find secret spots. We follow local photographers like Mutua Matheka who travels all over the continent and takes the most amazing pictures!!

Get to know the Kikoy.  This cloth will save you from rain, heat and cold! It can be used as a towel, a cool cloth or a blanket. You can find them all over Africa but our favs are in Kenya and Botswana.

Are you a thrill seeker? In Uganda use the Boda Bodas to get around.  The local motorbikes are the best way to get around, but just make sure to bring your own helmet!!

And last but not least, the Great Rift Valley is a must see. It stretches some 6-thousand miles from Lebanon to Mozambique and is easy to get to in Kenya and is a view you will never forget!

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