Nairobi Love Stories

Valentine’s Day around the corner, I took a walk down streets Nairobi, camera on my shoulder, in search of real love stories from total strangers. My task wasn’t easy. As Nairobians, we like keeping romantic feelings private. To my surprise, Nairobians are not shy these days when it comes to show their other half how much they care. These images prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or plan anything extravagant to make your other half feel special. It’s all about what love really means to you.

“This is a special place to us. We met here and we have been dating for two years”. Benson and Judy enjoy a soda at Central Park, a typical weekend date scenario for young couples. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

“Our love story started 5 years ago and we have been married for 6 months." Love is definitely in the air for Mary and Cyrus, who chose to spend their Sunday afternoon cuddling at the Central Park. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

“We have been together for 3 years”. – Maria and Moses share a moment of romantic affection. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

On a lazy Sunday, Dimitri and Sharlene, who started dating a year ago, take a walk in Nairobi’s Central Business District. Quiet and without the usual traffic, the Central Business District makes an ideal spot for couples looking to wind down after a busy week. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

Rachel and Steve, professional skaters who have been dating for two years, spend their Sunday at a skate park in downtown Nairobi. The skate park is a hangout spot for young people on weekends and a great location to connect with friends and meet new people. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

"I started skating 6 years ago. I met Sam here and we've been dating for 3 years now", Jamila, 22. The couple shows their skating skills in a synchronized choreography at the skate park in downtown Nairobi. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

In each of its corners the city holds memories of love. PHOTO/BRYAN JAYBEE

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