My African Woman,...

I thank God that where i left, i left no stain even in the pain that came as rain.
I loved you with everyday even in the afters
i wondered how it will be like.
yes  i know, i know you know and i know that we know heaven made this love an eternity.
Now were in yonder land apart all i know you
reminisce of the days we talked walked laughed
by and by as you watch your daisy flowers .
your heart sings of a heart of  God not a heart of gold, even though i appeared as a tough hide
to pierce through, your sensibility and patience
knew how to pace through silently in my heart
as weaved like maam with her yarn and needle.
You made it possible through a man like with imperfections that God and you have known about.I pray to you best my African woman
the will of God took us different paths but my heart envisages a woman like yes i have always loved my African woman, my mama Afrika........

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