My 2017 Year in Review

"We are all going to die but few of us will be dead"- Opeyemi Aboderin. 

Yeah! You read that right. That was my sort of mantra in 2017. This year started with little excitement for me, I couldn't even go to church on the eve of new year because of duty calls. So, I thought of doing a break down of what went right and wrong for me this year. And doing this has given me the mirror to reflect on my journey so far this year. Folks! Here is my highlight of 2017.  

Social Media Week: One of the decisions I will forever be grateful I made in 2017 is reaching out to Akoma on that sunny afternoon to join the Amplifyone for SMWL. Like I told Toluwani, I was a bit too nervous sending that message. Looking at the possibility of getting a negative reply, distance and my financial constraints. But I'm grateful eventually sending that message because it opened my eyes to endless possibilites as a creative and set the space for what am cooking up and where I am today.

Robot took my side hustle: This should probably be a separate article for me to hammer on the need for folks to be watchful as robot is out there to take their jobs. Just few weeks after making my first Benjamin Franklin. I was relieved of my side hustle at Wesco as a writer.

One of the hardest decision I made this year is leaving a company that I'm made to believe I have a share of us. When in reality, I have nothing of it.

I Got Baptized: My year won't end without letting you know I finally got baptised this year. If am told this will be the year, I would definitely scoff because the first six month of this year had me barely going to church and I contemplated having my first real sex. Anyway, glory be to God. Folks! I am a new creature.

Amplify Fellowship: The best thing that happened to me this year is being an Amplify Fellow. I don't think I would have been able to share this now if not for being part of Amplify fellows. I'm going to reserve my comment for now.

Books: I promised myself to be reading two books per month. I think I did fair in this regard if not poor. The books that shaped my perspective in 2017 are David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. 

The people I planned to meet in 2017: My copy cat attitude had me wanting to meet people like Chidi wanted too.  So, I made a list of people I want to meet in 2017. But, I only met one of them. Thesensei. My nervousness couldn't make me take a selfie with him. I would have love to show you that.

What about 2018?
Am so excited about the new year but I got fears hovering over my head. Got so much planned for the new year.  However, here are some of my goals.
Health: Drink 3 litres of water per day and exercise.
Spiritual: Meditate on the word of God and being grateful.
Start a (tech) vlog and become a photographer.
Write more.
Books: Read two books per month.
Travel to places.

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