One Nation 

O God of all Creation 

Joshua, 37, Land Surveyor

Bless this our land and nation 

Nyambura, 57, Environmental Consultant

Justice be our shield and defender

TJ, 3, Pre-schooler

May we dwell in unity

Stephen, 58, Bible Teacher

Peace and Liberty 

Josiah, 20something,Labourer

Plenty be found within our borders.

Eva, 34, Hair Stylist

Let one with all accord 

Mwalimu, 40something, Rock Climbing Instructor

In common bond united 

Daniel, 34, Cargo Manager

Build this our nation together

NgimaNaledi, 11, Scout

And the glory of Kenya

Mama Salaton, 60something, Farmer

The fruit of our labour

Kenneth, 23, Security Guard

Fill every heart with thanksgiving

mwihaki, 43, Kenyan

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