Its existence simply has no good explanation. The age at which one discovers it, there is no interview that can be held to determine how they did, because Baby’s don’t talk. Well, all we know, it’s called Music and that it gets us moving real good.

Many many years BC history says, Music has been around and played differently according to cultures and different tastes by people but the question is who got it sounding first. Today we see the likes of instruments like the piano, guitar, drum kit, violin and so many more but where did they start. Is it us the Africans that copied and made instruments after seeing these modern age ones or they that made them after seeing our instruments. Well we can never tell since the deepest history about our lovely continent seems to have been deleted from existence.

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Enough about history and back to the sweet mystical energy of Music. I can’t explain how some musical notes touch a heart so deep in ways that no words or anything else can. For those that have a little knowledge of music you do know what a good piece with a blend of minor codes thrown in there sounds like. It makes you feel like the whole world hugged you and loved you in just one note. Science even takes it further and says there’re cells in the human body that respond to some music codes and that music can be used as a good repair kit for the human mind and body. Funny how waves get to caress our ears so well.

Crazy facts about Music that most of you may not know. Did you know that a swam of house flies produce a sound of key F and have you ever sat next to a loud bass speaker and feel like your heart is exploding, well it’s not exactly exploding, the human heart beat actually mimics music you listen to. I guess that’s a new one to most of you, yes it does so imagine it mimicking a low 5hz bass note, lol you could kill yourself. Think of the human heart like a parrot playing back what it hears.

Music can be a tool of many things. Earlier I mentioned the human body but there is more. Music can be used as a tool of peace, music can be used for motivation, music can be used for strength and music can be used as a weapon. Bob Marley a reggae legend said I may not fight them by hand but I will fight them through music. His music rallied many and strengthened many against the political battles they faced around the world.  

From the classics to the jazz and the rock and roll era, today I’m proud to say that Africa is leading when it comes to music, so many out there are adapting to the African style beats and today we have a lot collaborating and featuring with African artists well what better way to say this but the continent of rhythm is Africa. History will show the majority legends in Music were all Black and well black only came from one place no matter wherever they are. The dancing we see today are all renames of actual cultural dances today, take twerking for example, it’s a very common cultural dance in Tanzania and uuulala no one can do better, those ladies are the birth of that dance. This and many more. So going back to my question, who got it sounding first? Well I guess it all began here, here in AFRICA. From the instruments to the dances to the beautiful voices. Africa is the mother to music.

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