Mkondo Wa Bahari (The arm of the ocean)

The mouth/arm of the Indian ocean is a sight to behold. I vividly remember the day I saw it. As I think of it now, I feel like taking a trip down to the Coast. Dusk was just around the corner and a drizzle had started falling. The location is Jomvu, Mombasa, Kenya. With me was my ever smiling cousin, Ngole. He had earlier engaged my curiosity by explaining to me in great detail that not so far away from his residence, one could have a swim in the ocean. Being the curious an adventurous girl I am, I kept on pestering him to take me to the ocean and so after a mouthwatering meal, our evening walk began. 

A slo stroll found us descending a small hill which was now especially slippery. With much care, we finally descended the slope and right before our eyes was the most beautiful and breathtaking sight I had seen in a while. The waters were still a far way off but it still looked so regal. 

A group of handsome teenage boys played football at the sandy beach. A few steps ahead were small children, not more than 10 years swimming. They seemed to have the time of their loves splashing water all over and to one another whilst singing Swahili songs and giggling. At one edge, we saw some members of the community working together to build a house. 

The feeling of san all over my toes and beneath my sole was so relaxing. The movements of my hair in all directions made my whole body want to join in the contagious rhythm of the ocean. As I looked up to the heavens, drops of rain fell on my face making me smile. Lost in thought and the beauty before me, I suddenly fell silent and Ngole on realizing this let me be and so I soaked in all the positive vibes the place had to offer. 

I couldn't take any photographs having forgotten my gadgets therefore I had to take a mental note and picture of the place that would have to last for a lifetime. This was an easy task though; one cannot easily forget something so beautiful.

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