Diasporan Trying to Find a Way Home

Almost half my life has been spent in Europe. 19 years and counting. How did all those years pass by so quick? I remember stepping off the plane excited at my new adventure. 19 years old, eager to escape the mundane life of living with mum and dad. My life in freedom, doing what I wanted and having know one to answer to. The world of London and all its delights beckoned. I won't lie, I had the time of my life as a student. I worked hard and played extra hard with this new found freedom. Fond memories of half a lifetime ago. 

Now in my almost 20 years of experience I have had the most amazing jobs, meeting and working with childhood idols like James Earl Jones (Roots) and Phylicia Rashad (Cosby Show). My highlight last year was working with the fabulous Richard Armitage (Hobbit). Contacts and networks have taken 20 years to build. How do I start again? Now, a need to settle. A reality of age and passing years, this need is even stronger. My heart lies in the Kenya I left in 1995. Carefree days, sun and good food. Friends and family always nearby. Sitting on the grass by the road side eating maindi with chilli, random nyamchom plans. Weekend hang plots and thinking about what storo I can use to convince my old lady to let me sleepover at so and so's. 

Half a lifetime ago. 

Kenya 2015 is hardly recognisable- or so I hear. 5 years since my last visit. Way too long. Bypasses, development, terrorism and insecurity. The afflictions of modern life.  How do I fit back in? How do I start again without the benefit of family around me to soften my passage. I have an urge to go back and give back- passing on all the experience I have had the privilege to learn thus far. To make my mark. I need to find out what opportunities there are to make money doing what I love and at the same time giving back the only way I know how.  Is this all just an illusion? One thing I do know in my heart of hearts, my soul needs to find somewhere to call home.

My work can be seen here: www.mvtbeauty.com 

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