Pierre and the silent city.

Pierre is a good dad. A family man with a great job. His sense of humor and short physique combined makes him the ideal “funny guy” of the office. He is outgoing and sometimes parties a little too much. On a good day he’ll show off his strange dance moves or prank the IT guy by telling him that the server caught fire.

After losing his first child to cancer, he turned to drinking. He puts on a brave face and only his family and close friends know of his drinking problem. The death of his child made him a bitter person. He never believed in a god or any supreme being. He claims it’s all man made propaganda to keep people in check. The tragedy made it worse. “What kind of God takes kids from their parents?” “God if you existed this wouldn’t have happened” he says.

People act differently when they are drunk. Some fight, some sing while others sleep off.  Pierre on the other hand becomes critical of all things. You’ll catch him defending his theory of why the earth is flat, how reincarnation is real and how he’ll create a portal to the outside world. When he is done sharing his philosophy, he blacks out. It is so bad that he forgets what he was doing on that night out.

It’s a Saturday morning and he wakes up finding himself in a car he doesn’t recall driving or entering. He is in the middle of a road he doesn’t recognize with no sign of directions. There’s no traffic, no people, no birds or any activity. He tries to remember what happened the night before and how he ended up there but his mind is clear. 

He steps out of the car to get a proper view of the place and he is shocked that there’s no one but him. He has no phone and no money on him.

Suddenly it hits him that a “Rapture” might have taken place and he got left behind. He tries to connect the dots but it’s all in vain. His heart is racing but he composes himself and calms down. He looks at the sky pondering… “God does not exist” “I am not drunk” “But who can explain what happened here” he says.

The love he has for his family is too much that he gives up fighting and let’s go of his ego. He silently prays. “God, return my family”, “I’ll stop drinking” “Amen”! Right after he says that shorter prayer. A cell phone starts ringing and the ringtone clearly isn’t his. He rushes back to the car and looks for the phone. He finds it tucked under the backseat.

Pierre answers the phone and his friend is on the other end laughing hysterically and says, “We got you this time!” “We planned everything”. His friend then asks him “Pierre is that car still parked next to a river? We are coming to pick you up, my battery is dying. See you!” Pierre is shocked by the fact that there’s no river anywhere close and as he tries to explain that there’s no river anywhere. The phone dies.

Photo: http://thyblackman.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/

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