Mama Nature Heals

Are you having difficult or generally just tiresome days at work or school? Perhaps you need a tiny break from things but have no time to cater for that expensive spa getaway? Well look no further, for green is all you need.

Green is good for you, according to a recent study released by the mental health organization Mind.  Popularly known as Eco therapy; nature walks, green meditation and other outdoor nature-related activities have been proven to be an effective means of relaxation for people with stress related issues or exhaustion.

Mama nature to our rescue? With the high neglect of mental health care issues in a vast-speeding world of capitalism and constant working days, this might be all you and I need.

So get out your comfort zone ladies and gentlemen and have a stroll!

Enjoy the birds as they sing, watch the squirrels as they dance by the fences, take an occasional walk during lunch by the office trees and you just might be surprised.

Maybe it's the weekend? Get off that smartphone, find some gardening tools and pay attention to that dying grass or flower by your backyard. Lay on your back and let that warm afternoon breeze heal you.

Try grab a friend or two for your routine to have a pick nick with you on the last Sunday of every month if you may. Let them share in on mama nature's healing with you,

get away from the urban-city livin and head on to the beautiful Karen or Ng'ong forests which are the closest to Nairobi town for an unforgettable and beautiful experience courtesy of God's gift to mankind; mother nature herself

and as you do so ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to collect your litter as you leave

 Protect mama nature just as she is here to protect you.

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