Every opportunity dispensed can be used to build oneself or add to one’s list of regrets. The National Music Festivals clearly revealed that some schools are serious with their work while others, who didn’t even have costumes, had a long way to go.

I attended the 89th edition of the National Music Festivals held in Kisumu and as usual there was a lot to learn. There were numerous presentations by different schools under different categories. There was a lot to learn from the exposed talent, investment into co-curricular activities and learning. I was tempted to call it National Music Festival: A, B, C schools. This is because the schools had exemplary performances. Some schools had presentations under different categories and made it to the gala winners’ concert and later presented to the President of Kenya.

It got me thinking how opportunities are dispensed, but people do not see. Have we been made to believe that you must live in a certain place so much that we are blinded by the euphoria to an extent that some would rather squeeze in a crowded place just to say that I live in such a city, when one can adjust and live a better life in a major town?

The truth is that everyone has a right to live how they want and do what makes them happy, but there is nothing wrong in making oneself happier by buying a bag to carry around your pens comfortably and ensure that you don’t drop them and misplace them aimlessly.

Anyway what makes me happy could be a turn off to another person. However, make hay while the sun shines.

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