'Thou shall have/not it All'

On a continent where women have always lagged behind in terms of education; countries like Rwanda are making a loud statement in empowering girl child education Education.

In other countries where the male dominance still rules, the neighborhoods have suffered through years of violence, neglect and economic misery, leaving many female residents silent by their lack of freedom.

Because of this, many women have become activists, heroes in their societies because of breaking some norms their communities always thought would never change.

It gets even more amplified as some of theses activists have been termed as vocal women who are always judged because of their strength to come out and challenge the status quo.

She is a mother of three. now getting her education, she knows that if she does this she inspires many, she is a hero and represents the next generation of girls.

However, she knows it is a struggle but she also knows that good education is worth something and you can achieve anything in the end.

For a modern woman today, having to take care of her children and husband and provide for the family and also get her education, she is tired, tired from books; BUT Angered by the violence that women have been subjected to in their society she wears an amour of strength, hard work and patience.

She is always worn out, judged, broken, disappointed but she is a hero because she has never stopped, she has a role to play, a role to prepare her society for the upcoming girl children. Who will fight for them, listen to them, and not judge them but instead support them and teach them to fight, not just for survival but for a place in the world.

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