'In Pursuit for a new Africa'

My Nigerian friend Egwakhe always told me that he would break the wall and get money whereas If I broke the wall I would only get blood. Funny, right! That’s how some Africans feel in terms of dominance and smartness. Now the African cultures vary from West to South to East to North, and whereas many outsiders would think its just one country; the urge for us to be better than each other keeps growing.  

We have to admit that we are living in exciting times; times where each country is dominant in a particular field, varying from bloc to to bloc to individual countries.

Every bloc, every country is trying to do their best.

Look at Nigeria’s dominance in music, movies and all sorts of entertainment, you might think the gods of entertainment in Africa were made in Nigeria. 

Countries like Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal have proved that soccer was made there making us believe that all soccer players from their must be great. This has made other African countries envy in approval the talents and gifted work of their fellow Africans. But this too has pushed other countries like Zamba to try and prove a point that records can be broken and other parts of African can also dominate in soccer by winning the AFCON championship. 

From the days of independence, the African countries have had admirable cultures, full of love, generosity and hope. Moving into the future, every country is trying to make great strides in their region; If you live in East Africa, you clearly see the dominance of Kenyans which has been considered East Africa’s economic superpower for sometime now. Much as Kenya is economically taking on Nigeria and South Africa, the once broken and sleeping countries like Rwanda and Tanzania are taking on the giant.

A year ago, as Rwanda hosted the World Economic forum on Africa, I heard one of my friends from Kenya wondering how a tiny land locked country like Rwanda could host such a big event. This clearly relates to that bible story of David and Goliath, where the David is Rwanda trying to take on Goliath (Kenya) no offence to my Kenyan friends, like I said; its such an exciting time for African countries each trying to survive but in the end making the continent great.

If many years ago, someone told you Ethiopia would be Africa’s industrial hub, you would probably give them an African side eye; from the days of Mengistu Haile Mariam, who took power from Emperor Haile deepening the countries grave and trade opportunities with its neighbors saw Ethiopia tumble like a wounded giant for sometime but hey the country now among the fastest-growing economies in the world. And tis trend continues from countries like Rwanda that have managed to leave their history behind and become one of the best destinations to invest in Africa.

“The quest for effective development, better infrastructure, education and financial literacy among other needs still continues. The journey has just started.”


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