'Bring Back Our Artifacts'

As I contemplated on whether to write something about Donald Trump the whole week; I remembered that he probably didn’t even know which part of Africa Rwanda was; anyway; I decided to save my writing energy for protesting on here;

But how can I not say a thing about Trump? Maybe I care just a little bit; I mean a very little bit; As everyone is so angry at him being President; as an African I believe, there will be really little or no change on my continent; I mean, think about it; He has Russia to really deal with, the Chinese economy to deal with, and all these other European countries he has to deal with; so where does my continent come in; Maybe; on how much aid he will have to spend on us; so basically; we really need to sit down and fix our problems and leave the American problems to the Americans;

However, as the new World leader talked about sending immigrants back to their countries and building a big wall around Mexico, it got me thinking; that there is a lot we need to do to also regain our pride; I mean, what fascinates me whenever I travel is the beauty of the historical buildings and monuments in the countries I visit. What’s there to show about African cities before the Europeans; was everything destroyed; of course not; Its kept in the European Museums; miles away from the continent like we don’t we have our own museums to keep them. So; if I cannot ask Mr. google; I will never know the history of my continent; how sad………

All these African Icons in European museums would probably feel at peace if they were around their people; hearing the sounds of their music and the feel of the environment around them. Now all these European countries that took the Africans arts should bring them back; and why has it taken this long to bring them back anyway; snatched amidst the tears, death and destruction by colonial forces on vulnerable Africans our pride and culture should be respected and returned back home.

As our past and present are often portrayed to depict war and hunger; the stolen arts play a great role in the lack of in-depth studies on African history conducted using the continent’s old artifacts. We have heard African leaders from way back demanding for these monuments for example; The late President Mobutu Sese Seko of former Zaire, who once presented a case to the international community about the state of African artworks scattered abroad.

As we pretend to care about American politics and elections; can we sit down yet alone and demand for our dignity; our icons to bridge the knowledge gap that has existed in the minds and hearts of generations of Africans.


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