Africa Rhymes 

$3bn invested in just three days. I mean $3bn!! Without giving any lesson or reminding us of the past.

Last week, the King Mohammed VI of Morocco met with President Paul Kagame in Rwanda on the first leg of his three-state tour of eastern Africa. The visit saw at least 23 bilateral agreements signed between different entities from Rwanda and Morocco ranging from real estate, insurance banking aviation among others;

Now, here is the thing; often times when we have Presidents, ministers and secretary generals from across the globe visiting Rwanda, it’s always routine to have a press conference and listen to what they have to say.

Stories of how a country has managed to get back on track 22 years after the genocide against the tutsi. Well, we hear it all the time;

Sometimes, we are even given lessons on how to move forward and we also get to show accountability of the funds from the donors. Huh! So, its talk, and talk and big talk at the end of the day.

I waited to hear from the King of Morocco for three days and my gaze died out in the sky. How sad I didn’t even get to hear his voice J Well, whatever… he invested $3bn.

With no funding, press conferences and above all NO WASTAGE OF TIME, the two countries signed 23 agreements. You see, what’s interesting about these agreements is that the transactions were in just three days.

Banks were bought, insurance companies; and over 5,000 affordable houses to be built to cater for the growing population of Rwandans;

Let’s slide a bit into my favorite agreement. I call it my favorite because I know how much it means to my continent.

The two countries launched an agriculture partnership program based on sharing the Moroccan expertise to meet the Rwandan potential in promoting technical cooperation in the fields of irrigation infrastructure and animal health.

You see, in mid 2000s, countries like Malawi achieved quite remarkable success from its fertilizer subsidy scheme, the donors on the other hand felt it wasn’t going to work for Africans and yet in the end it drastically increased food production in Malawi.

For such projects, we usually wait and ask for funding but what’s amazing now is that African countries are coming out to invest hugely in other African countries.

Its time for Africa to rhyme as a continent.

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