The Otherworld

I was lying on a freezing floor, as cold as ice;

I didn’t feel its frigidity;

The pieces of chalk whitened my fingers;

I am not exactly sure what I was thinking;

Except the fact that I was doodling;

All of a sudden, thunder struck my body to wake me up.

I was alone in a dark noisy world;

But then the sound faded away;

As I went, I walked past a beautiful-colored shattered rose;

The memories of the past reflected in front of my eyes right away;

The paradise!

A garden full of spectacular flowers;

Their smell was tasty.

A mansion in the middle of the garden;

That is my Father’s house;

Golden furnished;

A house of peace and joy;

A house that shines love, decorated by laughter, smells happiness;

And sounds like a charming love song.

The joy I cannot express

Incredible brethren;

And no tears of sorrow but happiness;

I used to be sheltered in a dim dangerous place;

It was inferno;

I was blind, lived in the dark;

I was deaf and I couldn’t speak.

On the day of my salvation;

I felt a small blinking light that shone like a star coming to my rescue;

I got up and followed the light’s direction;

To the place where the light took me.

Things that words can never be able to explain;

Words that poetry cannot be able to describe;

Poetry that songs cannot be able to give musical rhythm;

Songs that tales cannot be able to tell;

Tales that drama cannot be able to play;

Things that rich men cannot be able to offer their spouses to express their love and affection;

Things that a prayer cannot be able to say;

That is what I found, saw and enjoyed.

I know that it was a dream of paradise even though it wasn’t;

I am sure that it was a magic fantasy even if it was not;

I am certain that it was a white light heaven, where a spot of blackish color can never be found, even thought it wasn’t;

I know it was daydreaming and even though it wasn’t, that is exactly how I was feeling.

That very day of my rescue, The Lord of Light showed me a small gesture of his love for us:

He comforted me during unbearable situations;

He wiped away my tears;

He held me into his arms for shelter;

An adoring Parent He is!

So loving and caring, rewarding and rebuking.

His small whispering comforting voice, I heard it during struggle;

His voice, so sweet and gentle;

His voice led me and showed me the path;

It thought me to speak;

It cured my eyes and ears;

His voice took away my fears;

His voice gave me strength to confront temptations.

On the unforgettable day, his voice told me, “Come, I’ll show you a pinch of the new world to come.”

Nobody cries of pain;

No wars or conflicts;

Wild animals are friendly to men;

No street kids;

No orphans or widows;

No violence;

No guns or bombs;

No hunger or thirst;

In the Otherworld!

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