The Monstrosity of Men

Human Species may be better than animals. We may be more intelligent. We may have better understanding of things and more abilities to do things that animals can't. But something big is seriously wrong with us people. I am talking about the thing that causes a person to harm another person. Or should i say, something that cause a person to kill another.

It all comes down to greed of a lot of things. Like power and land. But the worst results come out when it comes down to hatred.

Yes. I am talking about the Genocide. What kind of demons possess a person and drive him to take a sharp weapon and use it on another being as if he's easily cutting off wood? It doesn't really make sense. You live with people as your neighbours. You borrow each other's tools; the iron, the broom, salt, charger, you name it. But something weird and dark turns the world upside down when that same person you were playing with yesterday starts running after you with a machete! Not to work with it but to actually cut your head off with it. What the hell is that? What is wrong with people?

I know it will never happen again, that's why we remember this. With this memorial, you can actually see that there are beasts inside the hearts of people. And remembering this really helps us to see how crazy insane people can be.

However it doesn't answer all of the questions I have. I loved it when the Bible or someone told me something that sounds like "Do not do something to your neighbour that you will not like him or her to do to you" (I don't remember the exact words as I read or heard this a long time ago) or better yet "love your neighbour as you love yourself."

Which is the big problem that we have. People don't love each other. If they did, they would know that killing a fellow would hurt them, that the pain would be very excruciating and that they would not like to feel that kind of pain themselves. Or maybe this is just me. Maybe there are other reasons why people; real people with brains that function perfectly well; people who can think for themselves; maybe there are other "scientific" reasons why they become demonic monsters. Yes. Demonic monsters! 

There is a book I am working on about Israel. I am not a historian but i got to know a little bit about Israel's history after Christ. So, seriously, Hitler got people to be locked inside gas chambers until they died? I am not sure exactly how it happened, but somehow people were cooked in ovens or something like that, and I saw terrifying pictures on internet about it. All of that with just one aim: "to eliminate a race from the face of the earth?" Which is exactly what happened in Rwanda! Seriously? What the hell? If you did not put someone on earth, what kind of authority do you have to remove him/her? See? Greed! As if seeing them stops you from breathing, or when you eat and see them, you somehow can't swallow the food. Fine. A million of Rwandans were killed, millions of Jews were killed. I'm sure Hitler didn't do all of that work himself. He got people "the soldiers" to do his dirty work. Really? They sound like puppets and he was the puppet-master. And many people did this in Rwanda. How could they live with themselves. 

Anyway, unity and reconciliation, says the government. Forgiveness, says the religious leaders. Well, this is not just about things that happen in Genocides and wars. It's also about things that happen in our daily lives. And these things kinda prove that evilness has gone nowhere, it is still with us. It is till in us. I am talking about thieves, killers and kidnappers. 

Thieves don't sound threatening, right? But walk down the dark lanes of Biryogo and see what happens to you. The thieves there snatch your bag or any kind of possessions you have. If you run after them, they lead you in a thief troop and then they stab you! See? Organized theft. Which means they can also commit organized murder. FYI, this is common knowledge, so it can be as good as just rumours. But something I do know is that a guy was led into an argument by thieves and he almost lost his life there. 

The killing part is brutal. It's still here when I think of a guy who was burned at school by his other schoolmates somewhere in Rwanda. I even saw the photos. What the hell? They were young, how could they do that? How could they be so evil? There's also that story of a housemaid who killed the kids of the employers. What is up with that?

And then comes the kidnapping part. Yep. It does happen. A friend of mine got kidnapped about 2 years ago by guys in Nyabugogo who were pretending to sell her something that I don't remember. But somehow she fell asleep. When she woke up her limbs were tied. Fortunately, the kidnappers got into a huge argument and she escaped. She was as far as Cyangugu! And my sister almost got kidnapped a few days ago by a man claiming to have job for her. I can't even imagine what would have happened to her if God didn't work in mysterious way. But dare I say, people are so evil.

Anyway, we remember the Genocide so that it never ever happens again in this country. And it won't. Plus this is extremely embarrassing! When I write the word Rwanda in a new English dictionary application, one of the word partner suggestions I see is "Genocide." Really? I know. One country, one people and one language. Damn!

I just wish there was a way we can use to remove monstrosity out of people's hearts. If we could, then we can be 100% sure that what happened to Rwandans and to Jews among others will never happen again anywhere in this world. Sadly we can't. 

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