The Lament of a Loser (poem)

“I am climbing up a tree cut I cannot get to the top

When I get to the branches I reach out for a fruit

But I can’t catch any ‘cause before I catch any

It moves right to another branch.

When I finally catch one, I lift it to my lips to eat it

But I can’t because before I do so, it slips through my fingers and falls down

I go to another tree and the same process goes on over and over again.

What have I done wrong?

“I am climbing a mountain

And as I think that I am close to the top,

I am shocked that there is more distance to climb

When I finally get to the top, I slip and roll down the mountain till I hit the bottom.

Where did I go wrong?

“I am in a running contest

I run, run and run

I can’t get at the end

There are people in front and behind me

I finally outrun them all

I am very close

Then I trip on a stone

I am bleeding and I have broken my leg.

How did this happen?

“I am in the middle of the ocean

I am alone and I have no boat

I got to swim and get to the shores

I am swimming and the shores seem to be far away

After so long I am finally about to get there

But suddenly something-probably a water creature- pulls my legs and I drawn.

Why did that happen to me?

“I am such a loser

I can do it, I am about to do it

But then I can’t.

I am a failure

“I have what it takes

Everybody knows so

But then again I have nothing;

But a loser.

“I smell failure

Defeat is my smile

Fear is my breath

My existence indicates how lost I am.”

That is the lament of a loser

Of the one who gets up and go to find what he wants

Sees it but can’t touch it

Touches it but can’t enjoy it.

“Maybe winning is for some

Because some win without even playing

And some play and lose

Luck is for some

Some were born to have it all

Others were born to have nothing

Some were born to laugh

Others to cry

Some were born to gain, others to lose.”

He sings it when he wakes and before he falls asleep.

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