Stage Fright 

Humor me; the light is too bright

Take my hand; the shadows terrify me

Stop watching me; your gaze penetrates my soul

I then feel naked and so exposed 

And I wish I was home in my bed, snoring.

I want to exceed your anticipation 

I want to dance

I long to move around, run even

I want to jump

I want to kneel

I want to express my inner feelings

I want to shed a tear or two

I want you to laugh

I want to paint with gestures 

I want to portray with signs

I want to set you all on your feet

I want to close my eyes and fly

 Fly into a world wherein I wasn't secretly shaking 

Fly into a place wherein I wasn't frozen

Fly into a hall wherein I wasn't sweating 

Or fly back in time and do it all over again.

The sorrow I felt when I wrote those words wants to come out

The tears I cried when inspiration struck due to events that had just occurred, those tears want to flow

The chivers I felt want to run down my spine

My legs are trying to step forth upon the upper floor

My arms seek the moves of a ballerina 

My body desires to get out of this confined space.

When I do step up

The energy of a small crowd 

Their eyes full of eagerness 

And maybe that unknown voice inside my head, 

Consume all my excitement and lock me up in a timidity asylum

Then all I want to do is to please rather than to express.

Shame on me

Shame on me for being shy

Shame on me for restraining myself 

And shame on me disappointing you.

So,Humor me, the light is too bright

Take my hand; the shadows terrify me

But keep watching me, your gaze increases my strength 

As I recite to amuse your senses.

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