Saying Good Bye to Our Loved Ones

There are many things in life that we take for granted. We walk around them or ignore them until it’s too late. Saying good bye is a simple act, but it’s not as simple when a loved one who has been there forever is leaving for a really longtime.

My sister is just started boarding school. She’s almost 15. I was very excited when I heard that she was gonna go. To me, it meant that she was going to learn to grow up, to find her self-identity and to be independent one way or another. She has 3 older sisters, so she was a child in a way. I was very happy that my baby was going to grow up. I was thrilled that she was going to make friends on her own. I really needed that she learns to be mindful and responsible. It was important, because she was going into another world. I told her last week that going into boarding school is as much as going abroad. It’s a new country where you know no one. You only have yourself to survive. Somehow if you are careless, the monsters of the new country eat you. So, you learn to be alert. That is what I told her. 

She wasn’t as thrilled, but I was. Until, I left her alone going to the Bank for the first time ever. Then I thought, “Oh my God! I can’t believe I just left her! How is this possible? She is alone! I want to go back and hug her one more time tighter, and give her much more kisses!” But I couldn’t. Oh! I couldn’t.

I remembered the look on her face when she realized that we were gonna go. She said dreadfully, “Oh God, this is awful! What am I gonna do? Classes haven’t started yet, so where am I gonna sit? Who am I gonna talk to?” She had a thousand more questions inside her mind, but I smiled at her and simply said, “Don’t worry dear, you’ll get used to this place!” I don’t know if she believed me.

Then I had to explain to her 3 times how to deposit money in the Bank. She has never done it before. She was scared, which I didn’t notice until I was gone.

Worst case scenario, the reason why I really wanted to go back, is that I didn’t remember to tell her that I love her! How dreadful indeed! I didn’t tell her that I love her very much or assure her that everything was going to be fine. She was afraid that the other students were going to steal her pocket and ticket money. She told me they looked like they will. Then she said, “Damn, they don’t even speak English!” My poor baby sister! 3 months alone, but I will go back before they are over. I want to.

She is the most vibrant of all of us, she does stupid hilarious things and she laughs the loudest. She was learning to write and she is very determined to be a pilot. I will miss her very much. I miss her already.

Folks, don’t take your loved ones for granted. They give you and make you a lot more than you could ever imagine. Tell them that you love them.

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