Reality (poem)

Is abusing and agonizing;

Is a burden and a bargain;

Is confusing and conflicting;

Is destroying and degrading;

Is horrible and terrible;

Is saddening and maddening;

Is unfair and hard to bear.

No one likes it;

Maybe some do;

But only a tiny bit of their life time;

The rest of the time is filled with struggle;

Because nothing is enough for anyone.

We aren’t happy;

We aren’t satisfied;

We need more;

We need something;

We need someone;

We need a Some One;

A Spirit maybe;

We need something big to be happy;

We need something small to be happy.

I don’t have it;

She doesn’t;

Neither does he;

Or a lot of people I know.

So there is no breathing;

All wanted to be done is screaming;

Or it might just be made easier by crying;

Until sleepiness falls and what is left then is dreaming;

Before that is over, what is there always waiting is awakening;

After it is, what is found in mornings is remembering what is happening;

But buckling up is the best way to keep many days going, by of course smiling.

But what do we do when we cannot take it anymore?

It is not just us, my sweet small serene heart;

Trust me, we are not alone;

Because just as we say we are fine when we lie;

The same way other people lie about it too;

Because they are human after all.

And then;

We chase;

We start to chase our dreams;

We begin to chase our freedom;

We initiate our search for something divine;

We start to chase money;

We begin to chase a better future;

We initiate our search for happiness all over the world;

We start to chase a boyfriend;

We begin to chase a husband;

We commence to search for a genuine friend.

I crawl the yards and fields;

I walk down the valleys;

I run roads and highways;

I climb mountains and hillsl

I fly the skies and outerspace;

Why in world would people go outerspace?

They are obviously searching and chasing;


Because the one we live in is small for us;

And yet if we shared it we could all fit in it.

We sing chasing a dream;

We write chasing a dream;

We dance for it;

We work hard for it;

Sometimes we even deceive looking for getting there.

Dreams are peaceful;

Magical, joyful;

Romantic, fairy and fun;

All the things that we want;

All the things that we know aren’t there;

We want them but we won’t get them.

Because dreams do not come true;

They never do;

Nobody will ever be somewhere they are not meant to be;

That is why when we try;

And try;

And try;

And try;

And it doesn’t work;

We let go;

And move forth;

Even if it is hard;

By living with what we have;

Calming ourselves down;

We learn to be happy.

A wise man said;

Happy is not a destination;

It is not a some body;

It is not a some thing;

It is not a Some Thing;

It is just a mood;

It comes and goes.

How do we get to keep it if it doesn’t stay with us?

We leave happiness and find joy;

That is what my mother told me;

Find joy;

Inner joy;

It will stay with you;

By being grateful;

And enjoying what is;

While it lasts.

When I do this,

I ask myself in the end:

Why was I running?

What was I chasing?

Where was I going?

What did I want?

I shouldn’t have done that,


What I want;

What I need was right here all along.

Or was it?

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