Raissa Kamaliza wins $1000: Huza Press Fiction Awards

Through her incredible short story, “Echoes of Love” and her writing skills, Kamaliza Raissa wowed the judges and won the big prize. Briefly, her story is about 2 women who were fighting for the love of one man.

Raissa Kamaliza is a graduate student in Italy, after a Master’s degree of Science in Comparative law, Economics and Finance. Since she is in Italy, Kamaliza was unable to make it to the award ceremony that took place at Inema Arts Center this Saturday during Jalada mobile Festival; however, her sister attended for her.

Raissa Kamaliza: Huza Press Short Story Contest Winner

During the event, the book “Versus” by Huza Press that was published as the 1st edition, was widely available and on sale, along with other books by African Writers. Versus contains short stories by Rwandan writers who were shortlisted in Huza Press’ first short story contest.

The books "Versus" with short stories by Rwandan writers inside

In addition, the stories of the shortlisted writers will also get published in the Second Edition. The Edition process is the next step for the writers. As part of their prize, they will be assigned to mentors and attend different workshops and festivals about literacy. This Sunday was just the beginning as they spent the day in a Master Class by Jalada Africa in collaboration with Panorama journal; the shortlisted writers and other writers in Kigali.

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