Lost Souls (poem)

The struggle of a young man

The emptiness of a young woman.

When all hope is lost;

When confusion gnaws your soul;

When fear of future strikes;

When you know what you want;

When you get what you want;

But the emptiness remains;

You feel so lost.

What do I really want, you wonder;

Well you sit down and relax;

Then you wait.

You wait for the sun to rise;

You wait for the sky to clear;

You wait for a savior to find you;

You wait for a hero to save you;

You wait for your eyes to be opened;

You wait for your mind to be sharpened;

You wait.

As you watch the events of time pass by in a blur;

You wait.

As kids get born while you are locked up in a cellar;

You wait for a sign.

You wait for the hole in your heart to be filled;

You wait for the waters to wash away your thirst;

You wait for the stars to shine their light on you.

I’m on the waiting list!

I hope I get luck;

And I wish the same for you too.

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