Is Primary Education obtained by all in Rwanda?

The answer to the above question is no. Even though the Government of Rwanda has gone to great lengths to provide Primary Education to all the kids, some miss it still. Primary Education is like the base of Education and without it, no one can move forward. In it, we learn to read and to write. So, I was surprised when I met an 11 year old who doesn’t know to read or write.

Ishimwe Eric, son of Mporanyumugabo Jean Pierre, looks homeless on the outside. He spends the day walking around and begging for food. He can easily sleep wherever much hunger finds him.

Eric is alone because his father recently got arrested due to a drunken fight. Usually, Eric’s father is a porter and they are a poor family. However, even though the father couldn’t pay for his primary Education, he fed Eric.

Regarding his biological mother, Eric said that his mother left his father and she took his sister. His mother is Muhorakeye Jacqueline.

Ishimwe Eric doesn’t have anyone who knows him who can help him, but his only wish is to go to school like the other kids.

The Government of Rwanda usually makes sure that the poorest of people get Educated for free. Obviously, Eric’s father who is now in jail, it was his responsibility to make sure that his son gets an Education. Apparently, no one checks to see how he is, even the leaders of Umudugudu.

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