Huza Press Fiction Contest 2016: the Shortlist is Out

For more than a month now, 20 contestants have been anticipating this moments wondering “Did I make it?” Well, at last, prayers were answered because on the night of February, 28th, the list of 10 winners was published.

Here are the winners and the names of their short stories:

  1. Dominique Uwase Alonga – Safe
  2. Isaac Barclay – Sum of All Good Things
  3. Raissa Kamaliza – Echoes of Love
  4. Alphonsina Kayitesi – October
  5. Mutsinzi Eric – Spilled Beans
  6. Rutwaza Ganza Leon Leandre – Alone in the Dark
  7. Rwabahizi Arnord – Three Ringed Silver Ring
  8. Landry Ndoli Subira – Araje
  9. Denyse Umuhuza – Inoni
  10. Lucky Grace Isingizwe – Beyond Repair

Ultimately, people who saw their names on the list breathed sighs of relief and were very grateful to Huza Press and the Judges for this opportunity. Judging and selecting from above 50 applications to extract 20 stories, and then doing it again to extract 10 from 20 was absolutely a very hard job.

Therefore, this contest was judged by up to 4 African Judges namely Felwine Sarr (Senegalese), Richard Ali (Nigerian), Zukiswa Wanner and Paula Akuzigibwe. These judges are skilled fictionists and experienced writers.

This 2nd edition was initiated in September 2016 and the deadline was the last day of November 2016. Huza Press Announced that the winning entry will receive $1000 prize money and that the shortlisted winners will receive $500, a writers’ workshop and be rewarded to attend and participate Writing Festivals.

In addition, this contest is sponsored by Huza Press, Youth Literacy Organization, Mills Morland Foundation and Porresia.

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