Eric 1Key, a firework shooting up across the sky; Expericment

The world is filled with dreamers. They allow their minds to be filled with imagination, but they rarely act after them. In spite of that, he doesn’t work that way. He is a practical visionary. He is an artist. Like all other dreamers, he allows his mind to be filled with imagination. But unlike them, he uses theatricality to put images, words and sounds to his art. That is the One and only, Eric 1Key.

Just a few hours ago, Eric 1Key showcased his film “Expericment.” This film is about his experiences as a person and an artist. Expericment is an inspiring video, the one that actually wows people’s faces and makes them smile and be filled with amazement and wonder. It is a 12 month work, and that work pushed boundaries and demonstrated getting out of one’s comfort zone.

For people who were not able to make it to the event, I am going to give a brief review of what the film contains and encourage you to order the video.

Expericment is composed by 4 different stages of Experiences by Eric 1Key.

Initially, stage one is his Social Experience. Family, friends, poets and different people discuss who Eric is. Among all Eric 1Key definitions, what stood up from all of them is that he is a crazy person. Usually, all artists are crazy people. So, they transform their craziness into something lovely and beautiful. From people’s description of him, Eric turned out to be a crazy, caring and passionate person. He is a poetry icon; emotional therefore unpredictable. However, I describe him as a theatrical artist because on his first performance, he was half-naked, that is, only his groin was covered! Now, why did he do that? He was offering himself to the world. He was coming home. He explained that he had nothing to hide, so he came as he was born, to be at ease with himself and to come as both hero and coward. How deep is that! He is diverse; speaks Kinyarwanda, French and English fluently. His poems back there were “Histoire Histoire” and “Fata Ikaramu.” After being born, he became a student on stage, wearing kaki torn shirt and shorts, with flipflops; the way back in the day kids dressed like for school. In following stages, he became more civilized and even wore a suit. He chose to be an un-enigmatic modern slave who was not hiding.

Expericment 2 is Storytelling. This part was his route to finding where he came from. So, his poems were about stories of Africa and most of them are French.

Number 3 was called Sexperiment. Now culturally, Africans do not talk about sex which was like a taboo, so, Eric was like, “why would something we love so much be a taboo?” In this experiment, there are sex related poems by other artists; but the most memorable one is Dope Gurl’s poem with Eric, where she recited romantic, exciting, appealing words to her lover, Eric who was lying on the couch, and took his shirt off later. Dope Gurl and other poets are actually grateful to Eric because he paved a path for them to be comfortable with themselves and their art.

Expericment 4 is called “Words of Fury. I guess that name came from hip hop music in it. Literally, as a caring person, Eric went to a street children shelter, to encourage and give a platform to talented kids who used to be in the street. He entertained them, played with them and cheered them on.

I can only write it, and you can get a general idea, but there is so much to be said about this film, and the best way to know, enjoy and be inspired is by watching it; because it is so much more than I can describe.

So, after watching and admiring the film, I asked Eric the objectives of his film but he turned the question back to me saying that whoever watches it should have their own conclusions: Mine is, it is a song. We have heard many songs that push us to push boundaries. My favorites are “Don’t stop believing,” “Defying gravity,” and so on, but this film, his song, is actually different because he actually defied gravity and flew up in the sky, in real life. That is why I said that he is a firework (Katy Perry’s song). Obviously, it is literally possible to do what you imagine, no matter how crazy your dream seems like.

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