African Hairstyles for Natural Hair (Men and Women)

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Hair, a cluster of numerous strings gathered upon fellas' heads, is simple at birth yet so complex in life at large. The simplicity is absorbed into the smooth, tangle free movements of a comb through hair. And the complexity, well, hair is tangled; it's rough, it's curly, it's short, it's colourless, it's African hair.

One of the joys of being a child in an African public school for some people is to never worry about hair. The general rule is to cut it down as soon as it's a few inches high. Now that I am way past that age however, I wonder why it's a rule.

After High School/Secondary School, time was then to experience the perks and drawbacks of hair. Society norms and customs say words like "Pretty hurts," "Hair is a woman's beauty," "A real man doesn't keep hair," and a lot more. As someone who does not want to use cosmetic products to straighten my hair infinitely, I rejoice over the vast choices the world has for me to keep my hair neat, presentable, beautiful and most importantly, comfortable. Here are some of the hairstyles for women and girls.

1. Natural hair Twists hence Curly hair

The first hairstyle I have ever done with my hair is to make twists without using artificial hair. Since I have soft hair that had grown, the twists went down around my skull. Keeping the twists on, one way or the other makes people think that you have shot cute dreadlocks. I would keep it like that for a few days and then untwist it. The result was beautiful curly natural hair.

Natural Curls born from Twists

I recently heard of a new way to have curly hair without waiting for a week for curls to form. It involves hair mayonnaise, wet hair and twisting and untwisting it after a few minutes. I haven’t tried out that yet but I definitely will.

2. Cornrows

Cornrows hairstyle is another way to naturally look beautiful, and the hairstyle grows hair a bit faster.


3. Braids

Getting your hair braided is definitely artificial since extra hair is used on your head, but braids grow hair fast if you have plans for it after it’s grown. Plus, braids last longer than cornrows. This involves normal braids, twist braids, bandika braids, dreadlocks and so on.




4. Bald

Surfing the internet a few weeks back, I read an article on OkayAfrica of women who decided to go bald and they still looked as beautiful. So, the beauty of a woman doesn’t just lie in having hair. 

5. Afro

Not to say much, but Afros are very cool and comfortable. Except when it comes to combing. But then there are electronic combs and other devices that make it easier.

6. Short hair

After going totally bald, you can also go with short hair, something that I totally want to rock in 10 or 15 years from now. I have a lot of friends who wear their hair short and they look gorgeous even more than some people with long hair.

7. Natural Grown Hair

After keeping hair for long, there are various ways to attend to hair and be comfortable with it. Of course, this takes a lot of tongs utilities and others, but you become an expert and go with what works for your hair.

8. Weaves

A weave looks professional and makes you look “presentable” in Corporate world. But it is also a tool to keep your air hidden while growing it for future beauty plans.

9. Hair Extensions

While keeping natural hair, it is also possible to add extensions on natural hair. With this you have to be careful in order to choose the right extensions that look well with your hair.


In addition to hairstyles, dying hair is another cool hair treat. I was still in primary school when I dyed my hair black. If it did anything, it's reduced the boldness of the black on my head. Hence, I'm not a fan of dying hair. However, there are some dye colours that look incredible on African natural hairstyles. Especially for people with short hair, hair dye looks artistic but also cool and inviting.


I am not an expert in man hair, but then I don't know a lot about woman hair either. I have eyes though. Even though some cultures maybe against it, a man in a black or blue suit with long black neat dreadlocks falling on his back is 1. Hot, 2. Sophisticated. It goes of course with the quality of his dreadlocks. What's more, I found cornrows handsome on Sisqo in the video of dance for me back when I was a kid.

Hair treats for men that I think are dope include cornrows, dreadlocks, braids, dyed hair, Afros, cool haircuts, artistic hairstyles and of course, socially acceptable/normal hairstyles. Check then out below:




Dyed Hair


Artistic Haircuts

Artistic Hairstyles

Normal Haircuts

Source of Images: Pinterest

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