Africa, my Love! (Poem)

Hello Africa;

Hello Beauty, Belle;

Hello to you, with the greatest wealth;

You are the fairest maiden amongst them all;

I have seen the skin of the children you bear,

It is so strong and withstanding.

I have touched the soils of your earth,

They are naturally fertilized.

I have tasted the fruits begotten from your earth;

They are sweet and sour; they are delicious and bitter;

Their taste is harsh and yet it wields healing powers.

I have heard the songs of your lords and ladies;

I have watched them dance gracefully;

I saw their fingers move with skill on their wooden fiddles and wooded flutes to produce the music.

Yes, the music!

So soulful, so sad and so touching.

Do you remember the skins we used to wear, the pearls around our necks, wrists and ankles?

The leaf crowns of our kings, the wooden drums of our singers?

The colors of paint on the faces of our dancers as they danced around the fire, whistling and shouting?

The bows, arrows and spears of our warriors, off to conquer some realms from their own?

Ha-ha! Good times.

Now, look at you!

So, developed and civilized;

Quite peaceful and growing day by day in this contest called life;

Yet, you have not lost your grace, your tradition;

You still have the same wild spirit inside you but with dignity.

Africa, my love,

Tell the offsprings you created that the unseen fairies of your land are very proud of them;

The rulers of heavens and haven existing, felt but unseen, send their greetings to you;

Tell the lords of your territories to be less selfish and care for the less fortunate;

Enforce on them the idea of humbleness and true love from the depth of their souls;

Warn your growing youth that what lies ahead is even brutal for full grown men,

Therefore they should prepare themselves physically and spiritually.

Tell all of your people to take care of the little kids;

Because those small angels have the purest of souls;

And if well protected, they could create wonders.

The world is cruel; the people are selfish;

So, the little ones only do what they have seen the adults do.

Mama Africa,

Thrive and prosper;

But above all, soar.

Soar across the skies of the earth;

Soar above all the maidens;

Soar, soar and soar again.

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