Jungle Madness by Lilian Ike-okoro 

The scorching sun  burnt me

As they beat me purposefully

I knew I was going to die that day

So I didn't try to run away

I had seen it happen once before

To Ade, the errand boy

He had stolen a man's watch

Which was old and didn't cost much

But an old woman saw him and let out a  scream

And the whole street pounced on him

He cried and begged for his life

He said he had four kids to feed and a pregnant wife

But they didn't give his words much thought

But I knew he wasn't  lying for I knew him a lot

They beat him repeatedly to a pulp

His body was covered in his blood and on the ground it dropped.

With sticks on their hands they dragged him through the streets

Till they brought him to a place where they thought fit

To finally put upon him a tire

Before setting him on fire.

I didn't mean to steal the piece of plantain

But my hunger I could no longer contain

I hadn't eaten anything in almost a week

And the burning sun made me all the more weak

I just wanted anything to eat

Even if it was just a little bit

I watched as sticks descended  on me

As I shuddered helplessly

I cried for them to stop

But they kept on with their onslaught

Like angry lions they roared

And my continuous battering soared

My eyes were swollen and I could barely see

But through the pain I saw the thing that hurt me

The people I knew were amongst  them

And they didn't try to help but stood firm

Then agaim  chanted with the mobsters

As if the sight of joined violence made them monsters

I could feel myself slipping away

I knew I won't see the light of another day

they dragged me further and pushed me to a spot

I was too weak to even get up

I watched in weakness and pain as they put on me the  dreaded tire

I knew they were about to light the dreaded fire

For my last moments I looked up to the sky

In my heart I asked god why

I was only hungry I wanted to eat

I was only going to take a little bit

All my life I had known nothing but pain

But maybe it's poetic justice that I die the same

The fire burnt on the tire before me

With all the strength i had, I let out my last  scream

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