Lies i never questioned as a child.

Some call them myths but i call them lies. Like how was i so naive and silly to actually believe some of them were true!? Apparently i wasn't the only one. All kids in my neighbourhood were being lied to and here i was asking myself why our ancestors were silent and couldn't use some of their expertise to put an end to it.

You are probably wondering where this is going but if you are Rwandan you might nod your head in agreement coz am sure you heard one of them. 

When i was a child they told me that telling a story during the day or letting someone tell you a story would turn you into a lizard. You can imagine now growing up with grandma and always avoiding quality time coz i thought i'd end up turning into a lizard. As a child, stories were a big deal. The fiction in those stories was too much. "Avatar" has nothing on them. But again i didn't want to turn into a lizard. So those lies took something good from me. 

Lie #2. Africans have been using this tool for centuries and i don't like how the western world has invented a better model hahah. We call it "Isekuru" here.

So again the same people who barred me from telling stories told me that if i ever, by any reason stepped in this thing, fell in it, or risk it falling on top of me, i'd turn into a girl. I don't know how big your's was at your home but ours was pretty big.

So imagine the horror of waking up a girl when you went to bed a boy. Like how would you even explain it to your folks? Friends, i had a legit phobia for this mortar and pestle. Once again, why do Africans enjoy terrorising their kids with such lies? hahahah.

And when i thought i'd seen and heard everything. My cousin drops another bomb. It was a beautiful day and you know how 8 year olds can be in the afternoon. Busy causing chaos, raiding neighbour's mango trees stealing what you can and talking about how we wanted to be pilots. As am enjoying my mango while the wind is blowing, my cousin points his fingers to these wool like petals also know as sow-thistle puff smoothly moving into our direction and he goes "Adam close your eyes now!"  I look closely and see this

He convinces me that i'll go blind if these white things touch my eyes. At this point am in panic mode. I mean we were buddies and he had never been this serious. We take off and head home. Surprisingly many kids in my hood knew about this tiny flower and never bothered telling me which risked me going blind. Evil kids. smh!!

Till this day when i see this flower it takes me a second or two to remember that it wont hurt me. My people really lied to me. Damn!

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