Recently I was watching a Ugandan comedy and she was telling her story. She said she was walking on the street and A man out of the blue came and said to her “are you going to take my number or you are going to let your future pass by”.Like this comedian most of us have given a deaf ear to the calling, we’ve seen our future fade in our eyes we gave in to the phobia and fall in the old pit.We sing a lullaby to our inner feeling, blow the candle and let our powers and abilities run in a maze trying to find their way out to us but we’ve got no space for them


When we let our bodies lay as the sun dies out in the west. We enjoy the show. I speaking out for the multitudes struggling to cross the line of. You, rocking out for Jesus, him lighting the way for the world and her saving the lives. But when the morning wakes we let the darkness hide away with our dreams.And again we sit in the old pit, amazed by the dreams but we fill short to touch them, just like a baby chasing the shadow we give in to the old routine and see our talent rot with us in the old pit.

When it’s cold and nobody is out there we start wishing for the gold that always lies in our hands. How I wish I could sing like Chris Tomlin, preach like Pr freed and play drums like Ringo star. Oh how my spirit could soar like eagles in the skies when I play piano like  john. But it’s all fuss because we are just playing tricks with our mind. We’ve got the dots but we can’t connect them. The best lies in us just like the canvas before us. But we fail to paint our future.As we take a deep breath, the images of the future us flashes with light around it so right like nothing. But we don’t want to chase it. We give a deaf ear to the calling for our destiny and we sleep in the middle of the road of success.

This was not all made up to make you feel short. I stand to blow our cover and see us run hopelessly. I wanted to tear the curtain that blocks our vision from reality, our future from present and our success from us.I wanted to light the candles for the really we, I just wanted to lead our future out of the old pit, make our talents win the maze and let them feel the sweat as we work to shine.Why wait, we always procrastinate, gave blind reason. but now why wait!. this old chair is rusty and this comfort zone hold the old memories, the tears that rolled down my cheeks, all those embarrassing old times. Blurred Images.

But its times for us to stand up and stand out for how long should we wait for someone to paint our canvas for how long should we admire them and let the best of us . Why For a million times why wait for the old man with the magic wand to come and wave his stuff and turn our dreams to reality. this ain’t time for trivia. let us crash the hand that makes us sit the moment we want to rise.

The fear that makes us run away from our calling, the phobia that sends our soul into Hades when our time pops out of the darkness, we can’t let our future rot behind this curtain of fear.Our talents grow weak, rusty because we are not using them, he sowed the seed he had but he is not seeing the result. The craftsmen embedded his gold underneath this soul but we fail to blow the dust from it. We wait no more.


I can feel the new generation rising with this slogan we wait no more. It sounds like a million people sick and tired of waiting, I can see them blowing the dust off their arms, cleaning the rusty gun and checking their armors.This multitude stands bravely on the front line against fear and the phobia, against low self-esteem and the back old history that hides in this comfort zone. They are ready to make their talent light the world like the stars in the night.Ready to pass this little light to the end of the earth, every war has victims but we are victors, for the great craftsman didn’t give us the spirit but he made us victors with Christ by rising him from the dead.

Why wait for the sun to set and enjoy the dreams of our success it’s time to let these talents shine.I pray that this new wave of faith for the great make new singers stand tall, the new preachers, teachers, counselors, poets shake off the dust and let their fine strength light the body of Christ.How I wish every hear listens to the call for the great work through using his or her talent.

Finally, don’t let your future pass by. Give your number to this great call. Look straight into its eyes , think no more , hold its hands and let us see you fade under the horizon.I truly believe  you will live happily ever after this war of fear that has always troubled you and separated you from your talents.

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