Here I am, sitting in this lonely dark corner,

staring into empty space: thinking of you.

Who are you that you should make me this restive?

Who are you that you should fill up my thoughts this way?

I never imagined love could feel this tormenting, this absorbing.

I only wish you know how much I care for you.

I can’t seem to get this song out of my head.

It echoes over and over again: a song that tells me how much 

space you’ve engulfed in me; ‘wetin you dey do for my head, girl.’

I wish you were thinking of me the way I am.

Maybe just then, you’ll understand how I feel towards you.

Let’s get rid of the formalities girl, let’s give our love wings, let it fly

I love you and I don’t even know your name.

Though I think its Deborah, I’m sure it’ll be the most beautiful 

name I’ll ever hear.

I do hope and pray I see you tomorrow babe and I’ll come 

dashingly to pour out myself to you.

No girl, I won’t take you for a ride.

I’ll take you home and make you mine, forever.

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