King and Kola nut

Udo community is a small town in Ovia South-west Local Government Area of Edo State and which is known to be composed by farmers. Udo community has been in existence for so many years and they have a king who is currently ruling them,  His Royal Highness Patrick Ekhoeutomwen Igbinidu.

The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree that are native to the tropical rainforest of Africa, and when chewed it has a bitter taste. Human use of the kola nut appears to have ancient origins. Kola nuts are an important part of the traditional spiritual practice of culture and religion in West Africa, particularly Nigeria, Niger, Sierra Leone etc.

My visit to the king at his palace brought me back to my culture and the importance of kola nut to our Traditions. I was taught how to greet the king and what to do when you are in his presence, I have never experience this before now not until this day and there is a guy that sings praises to the king always. I called him the CHANT man that day, then I was told to go and provide kola nut and a drink (alcohol), I had no idea of the kola nut aspect, I had to quickly rush out to get the kola nut and drink before his arrival, and here comes the king.

 I followed all what they taught me briefly to do when he is around and I did just that even the king took time to laugh at me at some point and told me to be myself and feel comfortable around him. So I presented the drink and the kola nut to him, he told me to go on my knees and he offer prayers and blessings. After that he gave me the kola nut to eat alongside the drink (alcohol). So I told him the main reasons why I visited him at his palace.

Now I see the usefulness of kola nut within our society ever since then.

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