Kill, Steal, Destroy Vs Εὐαγγέλιον Euangélion

 Scary isn’t it? ”Steal, Kill, destroy” sounds like a horror movie with no survivals. The villain in this case is a very tall and muscular male with horns on his head, he wears a red cape on a black suit with a long tail protruding from his behind. His teeth are razor sharp just like a vampire, claws more than five inches long, curled and sharp, ready to pierce into the very soul of its victims.

The villain never sleeps, always roaming about the Earth looking, waiting, and planning every single move on how to deceitfully get his victims. He does this non-stop, day and night, twenty-four hours, seven days a week, no vacations or strike actions. Be warned, he doesn't cause havoc alone, he has his agents he sends about to do the menial damage before he does the finishing touches. He also has to do it fast because there are oppositions, we could call them the “Fantastic Three” and their army big enough to destroy him. He cajoles his victims by lying to them consistently about who they are and what they are meant to be, accusing them constantly of all their mistakes and wrong doings. He is mean and hateful, he doesn't stop until his victims are either re-born or dead.Gnashing of teeth and screams are his favourite musical notes,waywardness, poverty and disaster and many more which are the effects of Sin, are his mantra while death is his major aim.

The  scary part is that he doesn't just kill only the body but he also takes the soul of his victims after they are dead, claiming them for eternity.Some people know he exists, they even willingly sell their souls to him. Damming the consequences, as they feel they are better off selling it to him on a platter of gold than fighting him constantly for it when eventually they know they wont be able to match up to him and they will end up losing it. Some others are just ignorant to his existence, they are the ones that are very easy prey to him and his agents.He is isn't the bogey man or Lord Voldemort, neither is he khan or the evil queen all cooked up from my imagination. He is very much real… A fallen angel who was once so beautiful, respected and dignified, he was filled with too much pride and he wanted all the glory to himself so he traded all the good for bad. He became a serpent, ugly, disrespectful, undignified and defeated…Εὐαγγέλιον euangélion- Good News

As with every story where there are villains, there are also superheroes. In this case, I will like to call them the “Fantastic Three in One” consisting of the: Almighty Father-“God”, The Son- “Jesus Christ” and The Comforter -“Holy Spirit”. They are my favourites, fighting for lost souls, breaking every yoke, lifting heavy burdens, they are beautifully dressed in white and a gold sash. They heal, restore, protect, provide, bless and comfort all those who have been victims. They also give light and life to all those who have been dead to sin and blinded by darkness.They are the ones whose side you should be on, they won the battle two thousand years ago, yes ooo, 2000 years…and two thousand years after, they are still in the business of winning. Praise God!I can go on and on and on and on and never stop talking about my heroes, but I would be selfish if I don't inform those who don't know just how to call on them, commune with them and eventually become like them.  Constant communion with them, fellowship and relationship will make you end up becoming as awesome as they are. Isn't that cool?You would then join their fleet of army, becoming unstoppable, casting every demon, breaking every yoke, stepping on every serpent and scorpion. 

Whew!All you have to do is accept them as your Lord and personal Saviour, confess it with your mouth and meditate on it in your heart…easy huh?Once you have done that, you will have to get the weapon they left for you that has every answer to every question you might have about them “The Bible”. It is a book that contains all you need to know about the victory that happened 2000years ago and the coming victory that will soon occur. Yes ooo, we are not done with the villain, his final down fall is on its way and you won't want to miss it or be in the wrong army now would you?

Εὐαγγέλιον Euangélion WINs

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