Kigali’s Car-free Zone Decorated with Children’s Books.

From Friday 30 September to Saturday 01 October, The Central Kigali’s Car-free Zone was given a new exciting look thanks to the biggest Book Fair co-organised by Rwanda Children’s Book Forum (RCBF) and Save the Children Rwanda.

Dubbed ‘Street Book Carnival’, this two days Book Fair was part of numerous activities that RCBF committed itself to undertake within the month of September, which is recognized as ‘The Literacy Month’ in Rwanda. September was dedicated to literacy promotion as an extension of the celebration of International Literacy Day which is celebrated on the 8th September across the world.

Apart from stands for local publishers to exhibit their books, there was a variety of exciting activities for children such as storytelling, reading, writing and drawing contests, face painting, and more.

Publishers who participated in the event are Bakame Editions which is the first children’s book publishing house established in Rwanda (in operation since 1995), School Books Distributors (SBD), Excel Education Partners, Kibondo Editions, Mudacumura Publishing House, Cactus Publishers, Furaha Publishers, Perdua Publishers, G&I Publishers, Winners Communications, and Arise Education which is among the biggest book-selling companies that work closely with local publishers.

Children touring the imaginative world through their favorite books.

Face painting artist on duty.

Storytellers entertaining children with stories accompanied with Rwandan traditional musical instruments.

The child with a painted face is skimming the RCBF catalog.

Agnes Ukunda, Bakame Editions’ founder, reading for children on the stand.

While others were leaving the reading tent to explore other activities, it was truly difficult for this kid to leave her favorite book unfinished.

Children queue for face painting.

While others were queuing for face painting, this kid stayed in tent concentrated on his drawing.

Save the Children’s Kathy (with a cat face paint) poses with Bakame Editions’ Agnes.


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