Colours of Kigali

I've had the utmost pleasure of visiting Kigali once, and I've written about my visit at least twice- here and here. Kigali- the capital city of Rwanda is simply one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. And having been to quite a number of African cities within the past few months, Kigali still remains at the top of my to-visit list. 

One of the things I absolutely love about Kigali is how colourful the city is. From vibrant iterations of the umushanana and the lush green countryside, to the vibrant uniforms of school children and the sisal placemats at Caplaki Market, Kigali takes colour to a whole new level.

With that, enjoy the Colours of Kigali.


Placemats for sale at Caplaki Market.

Stuffed elephants for sale at Caplaki Market.In Kenya we would call the garments being worn here "kitenge".

Vivid green at this Tigo-sponsored roundabout.


Images- Kangai Mwiti.

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