Skin Deep.

Pinched cheeks, soo bright pink. I wanted that. I wanted to look like stained flesh in pinkish blush when I was mad or had a flu.

The final ingredient is now in my hands. My dream so near , one could say 'at arms length' yet, I hesitate. It had been years trying to get the right combination to turn my self from chocolate to a fuschia hue.

"Whatchu doin babe", a rare baritone buzzed in my earlobe. "Nothing". The diamond almond slid from my palm into the solution. "Have I ever told you, you are the best chocolate I ever tasted", he continued, his voice so low it drowned the sound of the sizzling mixture.

Before I regained my balance our weight toppled the table. My ten years worth of research gone to the drain. I heard glasses crash but I didn't open my eyes to see.

No longer sweet sixteen I had fallen in love with me.

But if you could take a peak, beneath my skin, I had blushed bright pink.


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