How to Improve Literacy Online

The ability to read and write is a core part of life today. However, after school, not many people continue to read outside specified areas. For instance, when a graduate develops the necessary skills required for work and gets a job, it is easy to become lazy and not develop further or to read only material related to work. Unfortunately, this is being passed down to the younger generation. They tend to prioritize social media, games and different forms of entertainment over literacy.

On the other hand, depending on what part of the world, some have more pressing issues such as unemployment, poverty, inadequate school infrastructure. 

As times change, so have literacy levels and the interest in it. There is a plethora of technology available today which includes online access to almost anything. If people having no interest in books is an excuse, everything is online now and we tend to spend a good amount of time online.

Here are some of the advantages of literacy online and in general:

· It gives a holistic idea of happenings in the world

· It opens the mind such that one can see things from an entirely new perspective

· It improves communication and builds vocabulary

· It increases your interest in new things. You learn to analyze and criticize constructively

· People advance with technology

Ways to improve literacy online:

The first thing to consider would be areas of interest. However, curiosity might lead a person to read on different subjects. Literacy online is easily done and can be encouraged through the following ways.

1) Forums – Based on what might interest a person, the individual could look at different forums on the subject. The good thing about forums is that there will always be people online willing to share their knowledge or the information they have. This can greatly improve literacy online as this makes one look forward to not only reading but having discussions with others who are knowledgeable on the subject.

2) Blogs – This is another platform that many seem to be interested in. There are so many bloggers today writing on different subjects – entertainment, fashion, news politics, education, travel, film reviews etc. As people seek information and are encouraged to return to blogs, this informs and improves literacy online.

3) Education – Depending on the target audience, there are many materials online and websites for education purposes. Increasingly, parents encourage children to learn to use online tools and study materials online. For example, you can use an online essay checker. This can be fun for children as the aspect of using technology appeals to children and a good number of these websites make the learning process fun by incorporating fun activities. For adults, there are numerous courses, some free while some have to be paid for. Self-development is always a plus and doing it online is convenient. In the world today, we cannot ignore the fact that not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone is literate. When such people eventually get to the point in their lives where they might be ready to learn, shame could keep them back. One of the biggest advantages of literacy online is that it provides the same kind of material that might have been given in a class room with the same certifications and all this learning could be done from the comfort of one’s home. More efforts might need to be put in, but the result in the end will be the same. 

Digital technology is an integral part of everyday living whether at work or in an educational setting. Being able to integrate technology into research, work or meeting daily demands is key. Literacy online has many advantages and it goes with the changing times and technology.

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