It's Handled - Life Lessons from the Real Olivia Pope

Few people wield the type of global influence Judy Smith does. She is the crisis manager presidents, prime minsters, CEOs and people with paparazzi size problems call. With a career spanning the resolution of several notable "situations" Judy's success as a powerhouse strategist is the true story that inspired the character Olivia Pope of the hit series Scandal. While Judy's professional life created the blueprint for the TV show that she co-executive produces with Shonda Rhimes, her personal life as a working mother who  has built a globally recognized crisis management firm is very different from Olivia's character. 

While in Nairobi Judy shared her insights to living an integrated succesful life at the #SafaricomPowerHour. The best part - her humility and warmth was a reminder that being badass at what you do doesn't mean sacrificing femininity and grace. My take home message? Authentic leadership rooted in one's self belief and that subscribes to integrity is powerful beyond measure. At the event Judy shared several other truths for women navigating the world of work, family and self.

1. Speak your mind, the right person may be looking for an opinion that matters, and yours is it.

2.Confidence comes from authenticity - know who you are and be comfortable with that. Only you can be the best version of you.

3. Don't focus on the hurdles, it gets you off your game.

4. Be badass. Don't be shy about owning your success.

5.No experience is wasted.

6. You have to exercise discipline because that's where things can get lost.

7. Look in the mirror each day and know #ItsHandled

8. Focus on the things that are most important to you. Don't get caught up in keeping the lights on. Stay in your flow - set boundaries and don't be afraid to stick with them.

9. Never lie.

10. Grow for you not for others.

11. Live your life with boldness and without fear.

In conversation with Judy Smith at the Michael Joseph Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

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