New 29 Qualified Musicians to boost Rwandan Music Scene.

Music career in Rwanda has for a long time been believed to be hereditary. Almost all musicians who made it in music past years would confirm that their music talent is rooted from their ancestry and would tell you it was conveyed throughout the lineage. The fact that a child who grew up in the musical environment is more likely to manifest an interest in music explains such mentality about music career. As there was nowhere people could go for formal music courses, children who grew in families without connection with musicians’ lineage could not get a chance to be introduced to music.

In March 2014, a 3 years music program was introduced in the former ‘Ecole d’Art de Nyundo’, a renowned art school founded in 1952. The program was saluted by all music lovers, especially the youth who had been struggling to build their career in music for many years. The school started with an intake of 30 students selected across the country through the competition. Since its foundation, the impact of the Nyundo School of Music on Rwanda's music scene has been enthusiastically awaited, and throughout the past three years the school has fueled Rwanda's contemporary music industry, especially the live music scene, with creativity and innovation Rwandan music has never known.

Last Friday, on 17th March 2017, the first 29 graduates, 4 of them being females, were put on the job market and are expected to start doing music as professional singers, instrumentalists, producers, music trainers, MCs, DJs, composers, music entrepreneurs, etc... Rwandan contemporary musicians have several times been accused of lacking professionalism in doing music as business. Hence, the best is expected from the first academically qualified musicians and I can't wait to see the cutting-edge stamina they are bringing on Rwandan fast-growing music scene.

Courses offered by Nyundo School of Music include music theory, vocal courses, songwriting, song composition, use of instruments (drums, piano, guitar, wind instruments, percussion and local instruments), entrepreneurship, production, languages, and music history among others.

This year of 2017, Nyundo School of Music admitted 47 students; 17 females and 30 males who joined the school in January. The 47 winners were selected out of 600 candidates who qualified during a two-week music talent detection organized by WDA (Workforce Development Authority, in partnership with the school.


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